In the 21st century children are introduced to technology from an early age which allows them to use computers and other IT devices without any difficulties as they grow up. This is a great starting point for students to enter the world of coding and robotics and set the foundation for their future careers.

Robotics deals with designing and operating mechanical devices (robots). Creating a robot is just one part of the challenge; the other part is programming instructions for the robot to execute. Here is where coding can really help. So, in order to fully understand robotics, it is necessary to master both machine design and machine programming (hardware and software). Although it sounds complicated, even preschoolers can easily master the basics!

Learning robotics is a method that enables children to become familiar with the numerous possibilities of STEM concepts (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). With OLOE, students will be able robotics kits to assemble and programme robots. In order to make sure the entire process is productive, our coaches monitor their activity and guide them to achieve their goals.

By solving interesting challenges using their skills and knowledge, students familiarize themselves with new technological advancements. Thanks to robotics in the classroom, some children develop an interest in the world of science. 

Robotics for kids can be highly beneficial even for students who are not directly interested in IT. Keeping in mind with the current era, many schools have included robotics classes in the curriculum to expose students in different scientific fields. Moreover, learning about new technology helps students to acquire skills and knowledge which can be use at any walk of life.

OLOE robotics classes help students develop critical thinking skills, teamwork, creativity, competitiveness, etc. Most importantly, our students learn all this through play, in a fun and engaging manner. Although robotics can be highly challenging, with OLOE, even preschoolers can master the basics of it. In conclusion, OLOE provides a platform for children to learn about computer science and gain various skills from early childhood.

What you learn

  • Learning by exploration
  • Building communication skills
  • Fostering Creativity
  • Encouraging Collaboration with Peers
  • Building Confidence
  • Encouraging Curiosity
  • Opportunities for fine and gross motor
  • Promoting Critical Thinking

Activities Involved

  • Drone Programming
  • 3D modeling and 3D Printing
  • 2D Art and Animation
  • 3D Art and Animation
  • Native Andriod Development - Java / Kotlin
  • Robotics - Aruino / RasberryPi / NodeMCU
  • Rasberry - HAT / Python

What parents say

“My child loves robotics class, he can think critically, and has an amazing creative skills. Both kids have great collaboration with wonderful role models.”
Claire Stone

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